Sewage backup into your home should not be taken lightly. There are major concerns that have to be addressed that go beyond the inconvenience of water damage and flooding. Sewage that contains contaminants can make your family very ill. If not addressed immediately, the bacteria can cause permanent damage and make cleanup nearly impossible!

In order to assure that the impacted areas can be restored sewage cleanup professionals should be contacted right away. The experienced individuals at San Diego County’s Service Solutions can provide emergency services 24/7 to help deal with sewage backup into the your home or business. With years of experience cleaning up water damaged areas and sewer backups, we know the best approach to tackle the mess promptly and effectively.

The first step is to remove the standing water and begin the sanitization process. It is extremely important that the area is completely decontaminated.

Then, we use sophisticated equipment to quickly dry and restore the space. This will help prevent further damage or mold growth.

When there is sewage backup, immediate response is essential. To avoid health problems or serious, lasting damage, your first reaction should be to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can begin the cleanup process.

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